Hybrid Marine slash the cost of building a Hybrid boat!!

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At Hybrid Marine we strive continually to develop high feature systems at affordable prices. A big part of the decision process to choose a hybrid is to understand the costs involved. By working with equipment suppliers and reputable boat builders we have put together a complete hybrid package that results in an overall boat cost that is little more than a standard build.

We supply hybrid systems based on either Beta Marine or Barrus Shire engines, There are two basic packages : Complete Hybrid and the Enhanced Hybrid

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A Complete hybrid package gives you 4 to 6 hours of electric drive capability and bags of electrical power. This is ideal for the discerning owner who will still cook with gas. This package will add only £5,300 + VAT to the cost of your boat.

An Enhanced hybrid package gives a larger battery bank allowing 8 -12h of electric drive and a higher electrical power enabling electric cooking. This package will add only £7,800 + VAT to the cost of your boat.

See lower down this page for a price break down for each option.

How does this all work ?

  • Contact us and we can talk you through the options.
  • Select your hybrid package according to your requirements.
  • You purchase through your builder or direct from Hybrid Marine and the package will be delivered to your builder of choice.
  • Since the hybrid is no more difficult to install that a standard engine there should be no other extra costs involved in the build.
  • We can work with your selected boat builder or introduce you to builders who understand hybrid systems.
  • We supply detailed installation information and are always available for advice during the build.
  • We also offer a service where we can visit your craft for final commissioning and to train you in use of the hybrid.
  • If you have a Beta 43 or 50 engine fitted, or are thinking of replacing your life expired engine, we can also supply an upgrade kit to allow fitting of a hybrid.

Download a brochure  -----------------> Package Brochure

Price breakdown

Below we outline the price difference between building a conventional narrow boat and one with a hybrid system. For this illustration we show how a narrow boat may achieve high power AC onboard using conventional methods and with a hybrid system.

For a craft using gas for cooking a Complete hybrid system is recommended.

If you wish to eliminate gas (gas free boat) and cook electric then an enhanced Hybrid system is the one to go for.