Complete Hybrid packages

Narrow beam brochure  -----------------> Download PDF 1MB

Broad beam brochure       -------------------->Download PDF 478 kB

Published articles

PBO "Going Hybrid", Oct 08.  Download, PDF, 2MB

PBO "green product of the year, Oct 09.  Download, JPG, 340k

Canal Boat "Felonious Mongoose", June 09, Download, PDF,  6MB

Canal Boat "Chelonian, how a hybrid works", June 09, PDF 1.1MB   Or   Word 5MB


Production parallel hybrid System,  Download, PDF, 643kB

43/50hp Canal boat Hybrid,  Download, PDF, 1.3MB

Canal boat Hybrid, main components,  Download PDF, 679kB

25hp Sea going Hybrid, Download, PDF, 1.1MB

Sea going hybrid, main components,  Download, PDF, 672kB

SailDrive development, Download, PDF, 930kB

Technical data

Evaluation of competing hybrid technologies,     Download,  PDF, 112kB

Summary of sea trial results,    Download, PDF, 52kB

Full technical report for sea trials,     Download, (PDF, 957kB)

Press releases

March 08,  Collaboration with Beta Marine,    Download, PDF, 7kB

December 08, Collaboration with E.P. Barrus LTD,  Download, PDF, 9kB